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Software for design and analysis with Eurocodes with adaptations to national annex,
with guarantee the easiest and most economical way to design with Eurocodes....

Structural design of elements with the most important design aspects of  the Eurocode 0, 1, 2,3,4 5,6,7 and 8.
A complete package, and source of information on designing and understanding the Eurocodes, and the National Annexes.

More about BETONexpress ... Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures according to Eurocode 2, EN 1992:2004. BETONexpress includes a big variety of slabs, beams, columns, spread footings, cantilever walls, gravity walls, corbels and deep beams. Regular and lightweight concrete, FRP strengthening. More...

more information about STEELexpress ... Design of Structural Steelwork elements according to EC 3.
Steel section classification strength and buckling resistance, beams, columns, connections, roofs, floors, frame structures, bracing systems, footings of steel columns
. More... 

Design of Steel portal frame structures according to EC 3.
ingle-storey, one bay portal frames. Complete design according to Eurocode 3. Loading conditions and load combinations, Seismic design. Design of steel structure, steel joints, lateral bracing system according, concrete foundation. Detailed drawings of the structure and the connections. More...    

Design of structure elements for Reinforced Concrete, Steel or Timber according to Eurocodes 2, 3 and 5.

Design of Timber structures according to Eurocode 5, EN 1995:2004,2009. Complete roof design, connections and drawings.

Design tables for Steel Sections according to Eurocode 3, EN 1993:2005. Dimensions, properties, classification, resistance and buckling resistance values. Automatic activation of steel section tables in FRAME2Dexpress. More...                   

more information about FRAME2Dexpress 2-dimensional static and dynamic analysis of frame structures.
New version including structure prototype wizard and tables of steel profiles. Also upgraded version with design according to Eurocodes.
More... Free Lite version

more information about cgFLOAT Dynamic analysis of long floating structures in short crested waves. Design of floating marinas, breakwaters and bridges.More...

more information about cgWindWaves ... Forecasting of wind generated waves in restricted fetch water regions. More...

Powerful Structural Engineering Software for professional Analysis and Design made in Europe.

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