The price list will be changed from 1.1.2023, about 10%, due to rise of general price level.

Price List 01/2022

Prices of English versions. For other versions please go to the corresponding sites.
All prices are expressed in European euro.
   EUROCODEexpress 990.00  
   BETONexpress    640.00
   STEELexpress   640.00
   SteelPortalFrameEC3   640.00
   SteelSectionsEC3   180.00
   WOODexpress   640.00
   FRAME2Dexpress    240.00
   FRAME2Dexpress + Eurocode Design 640.00  
   BETONexpress, WOODexpress, STEELexpress 1440.00  OFFER
   BETONexpress, WOODexpress, SteelPortalFrameEC3 1440.00  OFFER
   BETONexpress, WOODexpress, STEELexpress + EUROCODEexpress   1690.00 OFFER
   BETONexpress, WOODexpress, FRAME2Dexpress + EC Design     1380.00 OFFER
   cgFLOAT 1500.00
   cgWindWaves    300.00
   FRAME2Dexpress Upgrade to FRAME2Dexpress + EC Design 400.00
   BETONexpress Upgrade to ver. 2021 (from before 2015 version) 180.00
    Upload new program file (zip)      60.00
No additional shipping or handling fees.
Sales tax (VAT) 25% will be added for Norwegian customers.
On all PayPal payments 40,00 Euro will be added in addition to the program cost.

All programs are available for downloading, including on line Help and user manual.

  • For 2-5 user license at same site, 25% price reduction.
  • For 6-10 user license at same site, 50% price reduction. 
  • For more than 10 user licenses, please contact us for special agreements.
  • Schools, universities and institutions, please contact us for special agreements.
Free updating to new versions from the program's Main menu/Update.

When a program has changed considerably, due to changes in Eurocodes or standards, or when new features are included, we will contact you. Such upgrades usually run 10-20% of the original program price.

Technical support for all our programs is free of charge!
No yearly assistance/maintenance fee.

6264 Tennfjord, Norway
Tel. +47 4675 1102

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