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To order one of our products, fill in this form and send it by clicking on the "Send order" button.

All software is available for electronically download.

Software for Windows Price in Euro*/ user licence
EUROCODEexpress Structural design with Eurocodes 990.00
BETONexpress Concrete structures (ver.2021) 640.00
BETONexpress Upgrade to version 2021 (from before 2015) 180.00
STEELexpress  Design of structural steelwork elements 640.00
SteelPortalFrame EC3 Design of Steel portal frame structures 640.00
SteelSectionsEC3 Design tables for Steel Sections 180.00
WOODexpress Timber structures with Eurocode 5 640.00
FRAME2Dexpress 2-D static and dynamic analysis 240.00
FRAME2Dexpress + Eurocode Design 640.00
OFFER BETONexpress, WOODexpress, STEELexpress 1440.00
OFFER BETONexpress, WOODexpress, SteelPortalFrameEC3 1440.00
OFFER BETONexpress, WOODexpress, STEELexpress, EUROCODEexpress 1690.00
OFFER BETONexpress, WOODexpress, FRAME2Dexpress + EC Design 1380.00
cgFLOAT  Design of floating marinas and breakwaters 1500.00
cgWindWaves Forecasting of wind generated waves 300.00
FRAME2Dexpress Upgrade to FRAME2Dexpress + EC Design 400.00
Upload new program file (zip) 60.00
No additional shipping or handling fees for electronic delivery.              
For customers in Norway 25% VAT will be added.


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Method of payment :  

You will receive our IBAN bank account number with your order verification.
After payment you will receive an address to download the software (payment has to be registered at our account or send the receipt of payment made by email).
Credit card / Paypal
On PayPal payments 40,00 Euro will be added in addition to the program cost.

You will receive an email with payment details via PayPal with your order verification.  
After payment you will receive an address to download the software.


When the order is sent you will receive by email: order verification, proforma invoice and an address to download the software.  

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