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2-dimensional static and dynamic analysis of frame structures
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History of the software FRAME2DexpressFRAME2Dexpress+EC Design

If you want to Update your software, Open Frame2Dexpress, choose [Update/Program update] on the main menu for downloading the latest version. For upgrade with Eurocode design, use Order Button or Purchase/Order.

Date Version Changes Comments

09.01.2024 New program version 2024

Free update

07.09.2022 Free update

25.06.2022 25.06.2022 New program version

In the diagrams of internal forces (bending, shear, axial) the values at ends and span are shown.

By click at
you toggle the appearance of the values on the diagrams.

24.05.2020 24.05.2020 New program version 24.05.2020

12.03.2020 12.03.2020 New program version 12.03.2020

15.12.2019 15.12.2019 New program version 15.12.2019

26.11.2019 26.11.2019 New program version 26.11.2019

25.09.2019 25.09.2019 New program version 25.09.2019

26.08.2019 26.08.2019 New program version 26.08.2019

30.07.2019 30.07.2019 New program version 30.07.2019

18.06.2019 16.06.2019 New program version 16.06.2019

03.05.2019 03.05.2019 New program version 03.05.2019

17.04.2019 17.04.2019 New program version 17.04.2019

20.02.2019 20.02.2019 New program version 20.02.2019

17.12.2018 15.12.2018 New program version 15.12.2018

03.07.2018 03.07.2018 New program version 03.07.2018

24.03.2018 24.03.2018 New program version 24.03.2018

17.05.2017 17.05.2017 New program version 17.05.2017

27.03.2017 27.03.2017 New program version 27.03.2017

22.06.2016 22.06.2016 New program version 22.06.2016

11.05.2016 04.05.2016 New program version 04.05.2016
  • Elements with hinges on the left or the right side, tension elements.

  • 2-D Grillages.

01.09.2015 01.09.2015 New program version 01.09.2015

08.06.2015 09.06.2015 New program version 08.06.2015

02.12.2014 30.11.2014 New program version 30.11.2014

10.06.2014 10.06.2014 New program version 10.06.2014
New improved PDF and Word export of report.
Preview with thumbnails (if you don't want this thumbnails on the side choose Simple preview).
  • Free update

New upgraded version of FRAME2Dexpress

  • Design for reinforced concrete, steel and timber according to Eurocodes.
    Full design for all the members of the frame structure, in axial force bending and shear at span and supports. Verification for buckling and
    torsional buckling for steel and timber elements. Design according to Eurocodes 2, 3 and 5. Complete design report.
21.05.2014 21.05.2014
  • Frame prototypes for easy generation of structural models.
  • Steel profiles. All the standard steel profiles for the design of steel frame structures.
    More info... 
Cost of Upgrade 280 euro (offer).

26.11.2008 26.11.2008
  • New structure prototype wizard, with 21 ready types of frames.
  • For steel structures, lists of every nominal steel profile available with its properties.
  • In the structural drawings, marking of elements that are loaded and the material number of every element is shown.
  • In reports, the values of deformations are included in addition to bending moments, shear force and axial force in the diagrams of every element.
  • Free update.

20.06.2008 15.06.2008 Due to new paneuropean antispam software, the old activation request emails might be blocked from reaching us.
If you don't get any response on your Activation code request, please download and install the newest version of the software, then send a new request for activation code. You can also send request for activation code from this site.

2007 01.10.07 Correction of report output.
A problem was showing  in some Windows versions because of lack of memory.
New HTML help.

2004   Free Lite version. Maximum number of nodes is 10.

2004   International version in four languages English, norwegian, italian, greek

2003 Ver 11/2003 New upgrading utilities From this version and on you will be able to Upgrade from inside the programs. [Mainmenu/Update/Program update]

2002 Ver. 1/2002 FRAME2Dexpress   1. version., Windows




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