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 Design of Timber structures with Eurocode 5
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History of the software WOODexpress Last Revised: 18.01.2024

If you want to Update your software, Open WOODexpress, choose [Update/Program update] on the main menu.

Date Version Changes Comments

09.01.2024 New program version
  • In roofs the coefficient of internal wind pressure CPi has been added.

Free Update from the program's main menu.

01.03.2023   New program versions.

Free Update from the program's main menu.

07.09.2022   New program version 07.09.2022

Free update


25.08.2020   Software update/upgrade
  • More support conditions for floor beams of one span.
  • Free update

30.03.2020 30.03.2020 New program version 30.03.2020

25.01.2020 25.01.2020 New program version 25.01.2020

15.12.2019 15.12.2019 New program version 15.12.2019

14.10.2019 14.10.2019 New program version 14.10.2019

25.09.2019 25.09.2019 New program version 25.09.2019

10.07.2019 10.07.2019 New program version 10.07.2019

03.06.2019 03.06.2019 New program version 03.06.2019

In roof design two selection boxes have been added, for load duration of snow and wind loading.
The first selection of these boxes are the default values according to National Annex.

The default values are selected in Parameters/Materials and load factors.

26.03.2019 26.03.2019 New additions in WOODexpress Version 26.03.2019

Floor beam with cantilever.

Lateral restraining length of floor beams, is added in the input data.

Menu with timber columns.

In parameters limits for winst and wfin, the restrictions (low and high values) removed.

26.02.2019 26.02.2019 New program version 26.02.2019

31.01.2019 31.01.2019 New program version 31.01.2019
New set of Timber Strength Classes EN338:2016, EN 14080:2013

17.12.2018 15.12.2018 New program version 15.12.2018

23.10.2018 23.10.2018 New program version 23.10.2018

17.09.2018 17.09.2018 New program version 10.09.2018

03.07.2018 03.07.2018 New program version 03.07.2018

27.04.2018 27.04.2018 New program version 27.04.2018

24.03.2018 24.03.2018 New program version 24.03.2018

09.12.2017 09.12.2017 New program version 09.12.2017

06.04.2017 06.04.2017 New program version 06.04.2017

20.01.2016 20.01.2016 New program version.
Improvements and adjustments to Windows 7,8,10.

Free Update from the program's main menu.


13.02.2015 14.02.2015 New addition in WOODexpress Version 14.02.2015

Addition of exposure coefficient Ce and thermal coefficirnet Ct for snow load evaluation.
Usual values Ce = 1.00 and Ct = 1.00
The limits for Ce and Ct are set to 0.80 and 1.20 for all the National annexs and Ce between 0.60 and 0.80 for Icelandic National annex.

28.11.2014 28.11.2014 New program version 28.11.2014

10.06.2014 10.06.2014 New additions in WOODexpress Version 10.06.2014
  • Free update.
  • Computation of snow load from regional data according to Eurocode 1-3

  • Computation of wind load from regional data, topography and building height according to Eurocode 1-4

    New improved PDF and Word export of report.
Preview with thumbnails (if you don't want this thumbnails on the side choose Simple preview).

08.01.2014 08.01.2014
  • Free update.

10.06.2013 10.06.2013
  • Minor changes.
  • Free update.

To install the new version, enter WOODexpress/Update.

Save to disk and extract to where the program is already installed. 

13.11..2012 11.2012
  • Minor changes.
  • Free update.

14.05.2012 05.05.2012 New features:
  • Automatic paper size to A4 at installation.
  • Minor changes.
  • Free update.

02.02.2012 02.02.2012 New features:
  • Implementation of  Strength classes of South African Pine.
  • Free update.

23.09.2011 23.09.2011 New features:
  • Implementation of of National Annexes for CEN member countries.
    Free update for customers.

18.03.2011 15.03.2011 Adaptions to Win 7. Free update.

07.01.2011 05.01.2011 Minor changes.Free update.

03.11.2010 02.11.2010 New features:
  • Hipped roofs
  • Beams over two spans
  • Floors over two spans

Free update.

02.03.2009 02.03.2009 New features:
  • Asymmetric roofs.
  • Seismic design of roof trusses.
  • European maps with seismic zones included.

Free update.

10.10.2008 10.10.2008 More variation of metal plate thickness.

Free update.

15.06.2008 15.06.2008 Due to new paneuropean antispam software, the old activation request emails might be blocked from reaching us.
If you don't get any response on your Activation code request, please download and install the newest version of the software, then send a new request for activation code. You can also send request for activation code from this site.

02/01/2008 1.000/2008
  • Update


To install the new version, enter WOODexpress/Update. .

Save to disk and extract to where the program is already installed. 

17/11/2006 05/11/2006
  • Update
  • Minor corrections on Export to PDF and DOC

15/05/2006 05/10/2006
  • Update
  • Correction in the list of objects.

01/03/2006 02/16/2006
  • Preview and print report with graphics from computations of objects
  • Export to PDF and DOC from preview
  • New Windows Setup installation
  • Updated help and user manual

18/10/2005 10/2005
  • Screwed connections and truss joints added
  • Roof connections; more parameters for nails, bolts and screws.
  • Carpentry joints and trusses with carpentry joints.
  • Timber-concrete composite floors.
  • Structural fire design
  • Export of report to PDF and Word
  • Export of drawing to PDF and Word
  • New appearance of report

13/05/2005 05/2005 Bolts in connections and truss joints added
New truss rafter type added
New lists of nails

Updated according to the formal voted EN 1995-1-1:2004

10/02/2005 02d/2005 A2*,A1*, A0* and custom paper added.
With project table in A4 format

17/1/2005 1/2005

New utilities in WOODexpress 2005

  • Automatic generation of detailed truss drawings.
  • Specialised CAD modulus to customise, preview and print the drawing.
  • A more sophisticated design for truss connections and design of member splices. 
  • New roofs, also attic types
  • For every kind of roof cantilevers can be added on the sides.
  • Option to specify dimensions at nodal points (element axis) or at element ends.
  • Snow guards
  • Choice of connection plate thickness, type, connection nails, multiple or single plates.
  • Auto computational mode, which when active gives immediate results when change of input data.
  • A window message informs you of design error, so you don’t have to look through all the report.
  • User defined parameters, timber strength classes, groups of timber cross sections. The user can select the default set for his design.
  • Two groups of user defined cross sections.
  • Choice of Eurocode version EN/ENV for snow load, wind load and timber design.
  • Parameters/Assumptions used in the design.
  • With right click in object window you can select to print, preview, drawing of  one only object. 
  • New updated help and users manual.

To install the new version, enter WOODexpress/Update. .

Save to disk and unzip to where the program is already installed. 


2004 Ver 2/2004 Now also including: Snow load on roofs, according to Eurocode 1, EN 1991:2003, Part 1-3, in addition to the existing (EC1) ENV 1991 May 1995 Part 1-3.

You can select to perform an evaluation of snow loading according to ENV or EN.

2004 Ver 1/2004 Some modifications of the appearance of  mathematical symbols in reports.

2003 Ver 11/2003 New upgrading utilities,Smaller modifications

From this version and on you will be able to Upgrade from inside the programs. [Mainmenu/Update/Program update]

2003 Ver. 9/2003 New graphical design

2002 Ver. 2/2002 WOODexpress, International version,XP

2001 Ver. 1/2001 WOODexpress   1. version, Win 98, 2000, Me

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