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Forecasting of wind generated waves
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History of the software cgWindWaves

Last Revised: Σεπτεμβρίου 13, 2018.

If you want to Update your software, Open cgWindWaves, choose [Update/Program update] on the main menu for downloading the latest version.

Date Version Changes Comments

05.05.10 05.05.2010 Free update.

25.11.08 25.11.2008 Corrections in report and smaller layout changes.
Free update.

20.06.2008 15.06.2008 Due to new paneuropean antispam software, the old activation request emails might be blocked from reaching us.
If you don't get any response on your Activation code request, please download and install the newest version of the software, then send a new request for activation code. You can also send request for activation code from this site.

2005 Ver 09/2005 Export of report to PDF and Word (rtf) files including graphics.

2003 Ver 11/2003 New upgrading utilities From this version and on you will be able to Upgrade from inside the programs. [Mainmenu/Update/Program update]

2003 Ver 4/2003 cgWindWaves. 1. version


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