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2-dimensional static and dynamic analysis of frame structures
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Group of standards for the structural and geotechnical design of buildings and civil engineering works.

These standards is a set harmonised technical rules for civil engineering works, in the members of the European Community.

 The structural Eurocodes are:

  • Eurocode 1 (EC1) EN 1991 Basis of design and actions on structures
  • Eurocode 2 (EC2) EN 1992 Design of concrete structures
  • Eurocode 3 (EC3) EN 1993 Design of steel structures
  • Eurocode 4 (EC4) EN 1994 Design of composite steel and concrete structures
  • Eurocode 5 (EC5) EN 1995 Design of timber structures
  • Eurocode 6 (EC6) EN 1996 Design of masonry structures
  • Eurocode 7 (EC7) EN 1997 Geotechnical design
  • Eurocode 8 (EC8) EN 1998 Design provisions for earthquake resistance of structures
  • Eurocode 9 (EC9) EN 1999 Design of aluminium structures

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