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Structural design with Eurocodes

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History of the software EUROCODEexpress

Last Revised: Ιουνίου 18, 2019.  

If you want to Update your software, Open EUROCODEexpress, choose [Update/Program update] on the main menu to download the latest version.

Date Version Changes Comments

18.06.2019 16.06.2019 New program version 16.06.2019

14.05.2019 14.05.2019 New program version 14.05.2019

17.04.2019 17.04.2019 New program version 17.04.2019

15.03.2019 15.03.2019 New additions in EUROCODEexpress Version 15.03.2019

Floor beam with cantilever.
Lateral restraining length of floor beams, is added in the input data.
Menu with timber columns.
In parameters limits for winst and wfin, the restrictions (low and high values) removed.

20.02.2019 20.02.2019 New program version 20.02.2019

25.01.2019 25.01.2019 New program version 25.01.2019

17.12.2018 15.12.2018 New program version 15.12.2018

13.09.2018 13.09.2018 New program version 13.09.2018

03.07.2018 03.07.2018 New program version 03.07.2018

27.04.2018 27.04.2018 New program version 27.04.2018

24.03.2018 24.03.2018 New program version 24.03.2018

01.11.2017 Ver 01.11.2017

First professional release of EUROCODEexpress

01.01.2017 Ver 01.01.2017

 BETA version avaliable and used by NTNU, Norway engineering students.

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